The shooting location creates an atmosphere and sets the tone in a photo. You can have a photo shoot in nature, by your favourite lake or in the park you like to frequent. We may help you by recommending some of our favourite locations.

Location shooting can represent a great challenge as it is impossible to control natural light. The sun can be too strong, causing lens flare. Thus it is important to plan ahead and choose the right location and time for the shoot. The ideal lighting conditions occur early in the morning when the sun rises or before it sets again. Unpredictable weather poses another problem as light constantly changes. For family photography, where the cooperation between all participants and the photographer is crucial, an assistant joins us to hold the extra light and reflector. Other inevitable factors may disrupt location shooting. When shooting in public places, we must consider passers-by and keep in mind that children quickly lose interest and turn their attention away from the camera.


To coordinate a location shooting at the right time and lighting conditions can pose a problem. Thus we recommend our customers to have a photo shoot in our studio, where time does not matter. Our Photo Studio is located in the City Hall, Glavni trg 1a, in Ljutomer.

In the studio we have more control over light, while you are provided with all the extra equipment you want for the shoot. We take care of the appropriate background, lighting and a pleasant atmosphere. As weather conditions do not affect our work and light does not change the shooting is more effective. We save time by not having to determine exposure and can thus pay more attention to models.

Whether you choose location shooting or studio shooting, together we are going to create a unique photo story you will keep in good memory. The final product will bring a smile to your face and remind you that each moment in life counts.


In studio photography a professional make-up is almost a must, so we suggest you consider visiting a skilled artist, who will bring out only the best in you. At your request we can provide our own make-up artist, who is at your disposal during the whole photo shoot.


In our studio we have more control over light and more time for a photo shoot. Our studio features many different backdrops, backgrounds and other accessories that can be used according to your ideas to create unique motifs.


We can help you choose the best outfit, so bring your favourite clothes with you and together we will find the right combination and decide on the fitting make-up. Keep in mind that when choosing your clothes, it is important not only to look good but also to feel comfortable wearing them.




Leporello is a handmade folded photo book featuring 8 photographs. You can put it on a shelf, table or some other favourite spot. As it does not take up much space, it is very practical if you wish to show your photos to relatives. Simply put it in your handbag and you are ready to go.


Your photos can be framed with passepartout and put into a handmade box. You can fill the box up with photos from other events you cherish and want to remember.


A wedding photo book is a trendy alternative to a classic photo album. It comes with a neat handmade box, made of natural materials. Photos are developed on photographic paper and your names are engraved on the cover.